WeMake Enters First-Look Pact with Global Agency


WeMake, founded by former Shine France COO Bouchra Réjani, has tied up with Global Agency in a first-look deal.

Under the agreement, WeMake will have an exclusive first look on all of Global Agency’s existing and future projects. The aim is to secure exclusive adaptation rights for the French market.

Izzet Pinto, the founder and CEO of Global Agency, commented: “ I am very happy to be partnering with WeMake which has an experienced team with amazing passion. France has always been one of our key territories and three of our formats, Joker, Shopping Monsters and My Wife Rules, are some of the greatest hits in the region that we’re proud of. Joker has aired on more than 100 episodes while Shopping Monsters hit the rating records in the region with more than 800 episodes. In addition, My Wife Rules has reached a rise of 45 percent compared to the average share that the slot was doing during the same period of 2016, with an average share of 6.4 percent. I am so confident that thanks to this collaboration, more of Global Agency’s formats will be broadcasted in France soon.”

Réjani, founder and CEO of WeMake, added: “Global agency is one of the most dynamic and creative forces in the international television market. We are delighted to represent Global Agency for France and partner with such a successful partner in France.”