Global Agency Adds REA(L)OVE Dating Format to Lineup


Global Agency has picked up the international rights to the Japanese dating format REA(L)OVE, originally developed and produced by FANY Studio.

The format brings together 20 contestants who are seeking romance but are burdened with a deep secret. Fraudsters, adulterers and those who are bankrupt reveal their secrets over three days, and the participants must decide whether they can still fall in love with their prospective partner once they find out the truth.

The celebrity hosts oversee the progress of the participants and offer guidance and orchestrate one-on-one interactions.

“We are delighted to be representing our brand new format REA(L)OVE,” said Izzet Pinto, founder and CEO of Global Agency. “Japan is known for its unique and creative original formats. We are excited to partner with FANY Studio in presenting their original format to the worldwide market. Reality dating shows are very popular nowadays. We are proud to add this special format to our MIPTV lineup.”

Mari Kawamura, head of global business of FANY Studio, said, added, “It is our pleasure to work with Global Agency for the first time, and we strongly believe [in] them to distribute our format to the world. While there are a lot of reality dating shows worldwide, our format, REA(L)OVE, offers a unique twist compared to others. We hope global audiences will enjoy the thrilling, exciting and unexpected romance depicted in our format.”