Upgrade Set for Norwegian & German Treatments


Global Agency’s Upgrade, a reality game-show format in which contestants strive to improve their homes, has been picked up for Norwegian and German versions.

This out-of-studio game show is filmed in the players’ own houses, allowing them to take part in the show without leaving the comfort of the family sofa. The participants are asked a series of trivia questions and if they answer the majority of them correctly, they can win a variety of electronic appliances or furniture on the spot. The catch is that they have to offer up their chosen items in order to participate, and if they lose, those items are locked away for 30 days by the host in front of their eyes, and they will not be allowed to use them.

Along with its interesting structure, the format also offers an opportunity to insert branded products. Upgrade, created by the Israeli production company Tanin Productions & TV, has been broadcasted in almost 20 territories around the world, including China (four seasons on CCTV), Russia (four seasons), Canada (French-speaking), Denmark, Switzerland, India and Turkey. Recently Upgrade has also been broadcast in Italy, Spain and Brazil.