U.K. Adaptation for Armoza’s Catch


Shinawil in the U.K. has acquired the local rights for Armoza Formats’ game show Catch.

The format features a new kind of trivia gameplay. Catch revolves around a large touchscreen LED floor that reacts to the contestants’ steps. The fastest answers will catch and help eliminate the competition. The format was the 2012 winner of Formagination.

Larry Bass, the CEO of Shinawil, said, “We are fans of Catch as an exciting, cutting-edge show that could entertain British viewers, bringing entertainment, skill and suspense to a great game-show format.”

Amos Neumann, the COO of Armoza Formats, commented, “Catch is an innovative game show that turns the studio into a life-size word search puzzle, putting a unique spin on trivia gameplay. This format doesn’t just challenge participants’ knowledge but challenges them physically as well. We are proud to work with Shinawil on bringing Catch to the U.K.”