TV Formats Screenings Festival: ZDF Studios


With a track record of success in its home market of Germany, Wanna Bet? is a key format offering from ZDF Studios and part of its lineup in the TV Formats Screenings Festival.

Wanna Bet? once stood as the most successful Saturday evening show in Europe, entertaining millions of viewers,” says Sylvia Brucker, director, entertainment, Unscripted, at ZDF Studios.

“The format has been sold around the world and works well in the most diverse territories: in nations close to Germany either geographically or emotionally, such as the Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland and Turkey, as well as in far-away Russia and even China,” Brucker adds.

Brucker is also optimistic about the prospects for Quiz Hunt, a game show that has similarly fared well in Germany. “The simple and clear game principles of the game show, coupled with the thrill of the chase, make Quiz Hunt so captivating,” Brucker adds. “Quiz Hunt is the ideal format for every afternoon or access prime slot on any channel worldwide.”