Talpa Format The Story of My Life to Receive German Treatment


CANNES: The Story of My Life, a new format from the Talpa catalog, has been commissioned by VOX in Germany, with Talpa Germany producing the local version.

The talk show/makeover show hybrid will air in 2017. Multiple celebrities are already in talks to appear on the series. A pilot episode of The Story of My Life premiered in the Netherlands last month, and a full series is in production to be aired on RTL4 later this year. The Story of my Life is a talk show with a twist:  celebrity couples get a sneak preview of how they’ll look at two different stages of their future

Maarten Meijs, the managing director of Talpa Global, said: “The Story of My Life is a unique show in which the makeovers, done by professionals, aren’t merely a gimmick; it’s a tool to bring out the celebrities’ vulnerable side, allowing for incredibly touching and honest interviews. We’re con dent VOX will be a great home for the format, to which we’re continuously adding new and unique elements, and are looking forward to collaborating on such an interesting show.”

Kai Sturm, editor in chief and head of entertainment of VOX, said: “The Story of My Life is a show that ts perfectly with VOX because it combines two things: it’s authentic and emotional. Celebrity couples receive the chance to embark on a one-time experiment: they go on their own personal time travel—and the viewers are able to accompany them on VOX in 2017. We are excited to revive the genre of talk shows and look forward to this Talpa format.”