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Stung Bitten Burned Scores European Deals


Media Ranch has secured production and option agreements for the factual wildlife experimental series Stung Bitten Burned, from the DR portfolio.

A local ten-episode version of Stung Bitten Burned will air in the Netherlands in January on NPO3, produced by BNNVARA. This is the first format production for the series after it was originally produced for DR Ultra in Demark, where format creator and producer Made By Us is already working on the upcoming fourth season. Another local adaptation was commissioned in Belgium for 2021, with the broadcaster to be announced. Additionally, the show was optioned in Sweden by Delta Studios.

In the format, we see what actually happens when a host gets stung, bitten and burned by different local an­imals such as ants, bees, spiders, rats, maggots, leeches and more. The show has been designated as a QTF (Quick Turnaround Format), a term originally coined by Media Ranch for the industry last year. A QTF allows for fast production with a variety of elements that offer producers a way to get the show on air in a very quick manner (i.e. use of limited crews, absence of studio audience, etc.).

Sophie Ferron, the president and founder of Media Ranch, said: “Media Ranch is thrilled to see Stung Bitten Burned in production in the Netherlands, soon in Belgium and back on DR in Denmark, with a version optioned in Sweden. This program is a fun and informative nature-themed program. We look forward to a great iteration of the format in the Netherlands and beyond. Our Dutch audiences are going to love this show!”

BNNVARA executive Maaike den Hoed said, “BNNVARA is very pleased to work with Media Ranch to produce Stung Bitten Burned into the Netherlands where we know viewers will enjoy learning about nature in a fun and somewhat dangerous manner.”

Made By Us Executive Producer Ulla Hasselbalch for the DR version added: “Nature brings us more drama than most people think it can. This format is hair-raising and eye-opening, not only for the viewers but also for the producers. It is fun producing this specific format, so we wish our colleagues in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden the best of luck with production”.

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