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Spotlight: Fremantle


Rolling In It is among the new format highlights from Fremantle, known as the “Home of Game Shows.”

“The key to any great game show is jeopardy, humor and a nail-biting finale,” says Rob Clark, director of global entertainment. “Rolling In It, our newest game show, fulfills this wish list. It is packed with tension and fantastic comedy moments; it’s a truly entertaining and unpredictable show.”

The slate also includes Epic Gameshow, which takes some of the world’s most iconic formats from the vast Fremantle catalog and rebrands with them a new look, a new style of host and gives them all a new epic ending. “Launched on ITV, the series was the number one entertainment show of the week—families enjoyed The Price Is Right, Play Your Cards Right, Take Your Pick and Bullseye presented by comedian Alan Carr,” says Clark. “This recipe appealed to family and younger viewers. The look and the feel of the classic formats has been totally refreshed, which has resulted in fantastic event viewing that is transferable to any territory. Watching this show, you can’t help but want to be part of the action!”

He calls Game of Talents “the love child of the guessing game show and a talent show.” It takes two contestant and celebrity pairs, as they work together to figure out the specific, surprising and sometimes bizarre hidden talents of the mystery performers, to win a cash prize. With just a short introduction, contestants must guess the performers’ talent from a list of possible answers, based only on their appearance, personality and a few clues.

“The pandemic has shown us that the audience has an insatiable appetite for strong original entertainment formats,” says Clark. “Family viewing has become the norm and younger viewers are also looking for something different with a twist. These three formats come with a proven track record of production, great ratings and the know-how of how to transfer these formats to any country in the world. As with any Fremantle rollout broadcasters are reducing their own risk by buying into this track record. As the undisputed ‘Home of Gameshows and Talent,’ these formats are exciting new additions and ones that sit proudly next to some of the biggest shows in the planet.”

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