Sex Tape Travels the Globe


The finished tapes of the social-experiment format Sex Tape, produced by Armoza Formats, have aired in a number of territories, including Belgium and the Netherlands.

In Benelux, Discovery has picked up the tapes of two adaptations of the format—the Belgian series from VIJF, an SBS channel, and the British tapes from the adaptation that aired on Channel 4. The British tapes have also been picked up by Talpa in the Netherlands.

The German finished tapes, from the series that aired on TLC, have been picked by SBS in Australia as well as SBS in Belgium, which adapted the series for Belgian audiences. In 2020, finished tapes of the series also aired in Italy, Portugal, Germany and Estonia. The format is currently in discussion with several partners worldwide.

Produced by Armoza Formats, Sex Tape sees three couples try to fix their relationships with dramatic and spicy therapy each week. They will film their love life for a whole week—from the issues to the intimacy and the sex. When they meet the other two couples, under the guidance of a top sex therapist, they will reveal their uncensored tapes to each other. Will the new perspective that they get from the camera, the sexpert and the other couples change their relationship?

Salome Peillon, head of sales at Armoza Formats, said: “Sex Tape has proven that a show that presents a common theme in new and unique ways is truly universal. With its success traveling from country to country and the way that it can engage with foreign audiences despite the differences in language and culture, we look forward to seeing where the finished series, and format, travel next.”