Red Arrow Teams Up with Nippon TV for Beat the Rooms


Red Arrow Studios International and Nippon TV have partnered to distribute the new game-show format Beat the Rooms.

Beat the Rooms, co-developed by Nippon TV and Red Arrow Studios, has been commissioned straight-to-series for Nippon TV’s main channel in Japan. Nippon TV is handling sales of the format in Asia, while Red Arrow Studios International is handling rights for the rest of the world.

In each episode of Beat the Rooms, two teams try and defeat rooms within which are missions that test their ability to overcome a physical or mental obstacle. All players have their own countdown clock that runs faster if they break the game’s rules. At the end of each game, players with the least time remaining are eliminated and sent crashing through a wall. In the finale, the teams’ surviving players use the time saved from the rooms to help them race across a slippery slope, with only one team sliding to a Beat the Rooms victory.

Bo Stehmeier, president of Red Arrow Studios International, said: “We are delighted to be teaming up with Nippon TV on this fun and hugely entertaining game-show format, which is perfect for family viewing on linear and digital channels with its crazy challenges and hilarious games. Nippon TV is a fantastic partner and together we look forward to taking Beat the Rooms to global audiences.”

Atsushi Sogo, president of international business development at Nippon TV, added: “I am very proud to introduce Beat the Rooms to the global market. We always get many inquiries asking for ‘crazy’ Japanese game shows, and we collaborated with Red Arrow Studios’ fantastic team of format experts led by Michael Schmidt to create a modern but still extremely funny and action-packed program. Beat the Rooms has smashed its time slot and posts on SNS were filled with comments, laughing and enjoying the fun show. I think we have created a format that everyone has been waiting for!”