New Trash or Treasure Adaptation in Iberia


Cuarzo Producciones, part of Banijay Iberia, is to produce a new adaptation of the prime-time entertainment game show Trash or Treasure (Tresor o Trasto).

This latest version for Valencian broadcaster À Punt marks the seventh international adaptation of the format, following a successful launch in Spain for Aragón TV in October.

The studio-based show will see contestants put to the test, as they face a range of different objects, some extremely valuable and others worth next to nothing.

Alongside the adaptation in Spain, Trash or Treasure has versions in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Sweden, among others.

Juan Ramón Gonzalo, CEO of Cuarzo Producciones, said: “Trash or Treasure is a unique format, which captivates audiences who can’t help but play along. It was an absolute pleasure to bring the format to Spain last year, and we are extremely excited to build on its success with a new regional version for À Punt.”

Lucas Green, global head of content operations at Banijay, added: “Trash or Treasure is a fun and uplifting series that celebrates the skill of those in the field of collectibles. The format has enjoyed global success, which is testament to its adaptability and universality, and the talented teams around the world that bring each version to life.”