Cuarzo Producciones Produces New Season of Survivor for Spain


A new season of Spain’s Survivor, produced by Banijay Iberia’s Cuarzo Producciones for the first time, is slated to hit screens this week on Telecinco.

The new season sees 17 celebrities leap from a helicopter and face over 150 challenges in an isolated setting off the coast of Honduras for the chance to win €200,000 ($218,700). It is hosted by Jorge Javier Vázquez, Carlos Sobera and Sandra Barneda, with Laura Madrueño covering the action in Honduras.

Celebrities taking part in the new season are Ángel Cristo Jr., Arancha del Sol, Arkano, Aurah Ruiz, Blanca Manchón, Carmen Borrego, Claudia Martínez, Gorka Ibarguren, Javier Ungría, Kike Calleja, Lorena Morlote, Mario González, Miri Pérez-Cabrero, Pedro García Aguado, Rocío Madrid, Rubén Torres and Zayra Gutiérrez.

“With this new series, we will continue to honor the themes of adventure and survival, which are key pillars of the format,” said Juan Ramón Gonzalo, managing director of Cuarzo Producciones. “But we want to place as much emphasis on the personal growth of the contestants as on the games. Cuarzo Producciones is renowned for daring casting, impeccable productions and formats full of surprises, and we will be bringing these qualities to our first Survivor production.”

Lucas Green, chief content officer for operations at Banijay, added, “Survivor is one of Banijay’s biggest and most travelled IPs, which has enjoyed success in Spain for many years. We are delighted Cuarzo Producciones will be producing the show, bringing its unrivalled expertise at creating hugely successful, world-class entertainment to this iconic format.”