Netflix to Debut Murder in Successville Adaptation


Netflix is slated to debut the comedy Murderville, based on the BBC Three series Murder in Successville, on February 3.

Starring Will Arnett as Senior Detective Terry Seattle, the series sees celebrity guests completely improvise their way through an otherwise scripted murder mystery. Though Seattle and the guest star work together, it is up to each celebrity alone to name the killer.

Celebrity guest stars include Ken Jeong, Annie Murphy, Conan O’Brien, Kumail Nanjiani, Marshawn Lynch and Sharon Stone. The main cast features Arnett, Haneefah Wood, Lilan Bowden and Phillip Smithey.

Murderville is produced by Electric Ave, Abominable Pictures, Artists First and Sony Pictures Television. The original Murder in Successville was produced by Tiger Aspect Productions and Shiny Button Productions.

Executive producers of the remake are Arnett, Marc Forman, Jonathan Stern, Peter Principato, Brian Steinberg, Tom Davis, Andy Brereton, James De Frond and Krister Johnson. Johnson is also showrunner.