MIPTV Spotlight: Twofour Rights


CANNES: In the format This Time Next Year, which Twofour Rights is distributing, everyday people pledge to make a major change and embark on a 12-month mission to transform their lives in various ways.

Meanwhile, Get Me to the Church on Time is a new adventure reality format that sees brides and grooms waking up thousands of miles from home with just 72 hours to get back in time for their own wedding. “It’s the ultimate fish-out-of-water, race-against-time challenge, packed with humor and jeopardy, which is perfect entertainment,” says Anthony Appell, the head of sales at Twofour Rights.

In the social-experiment arena is The Indian Dream Hotel, which Appell describes as “entertaining and moving.”

“As a leading producer of innovative global programming, we have confidence in the formats we produce and it’s an exciting year ahead for Twofour,” Appell says.