MIPTV Spotlight: Passion Distribution


Sexy singles pair up and compete for a life-changing cash prize at a tropical resort in Paradise Hotel, which Passion Distribution is presenting at MIPTV.

In each episode, the singles vote off one of their fellow residents to make room for a new guest. “Having first aired on FOX in 2003, Paradise Hotel has become an international hit, produced around the world in more than 12 countries and has never been off the air in Sweden, Denmark and Norway,” says Agnes Mbye, senior sales manager for formats at Passion Distribution.

The company is also showcasing Mums Make Porn, about a group of charismatic mothers with teenage children who are given the tools to create their very own porn film to showcase their version of happy, healthy sex. The Sex Clinic provides an unfiltered view of young people’s sex lives and sexual health problems. “The Sex Clinic is a funny, mischievous and educational series revealing some of the more outrageous aspects of young people’s sexual health and sex lives,” Mbye says.