MIPTV Spotlight: Like It Love It International


CANNES: This year marks the 25th season of The Lyrics Board on public broadcasters NRK in Norway and SVT in Sweden, and Like It Love It International hopes to continue its success with further sales at MIPTV.

Co-created by Andy Ruane, who is the managing director of Like It Love It International, the prime-time format has traveled to nearly 40 countries. In the show, a line from a song is hidden behind “The Lyrics Board” and two teams must guess what song the line is from. The teams feature two pianos and two piano-playing team captains who are each joined by two singing celebrities. It typically takes about three reveals to guess what song the line is from.

The Lyrics Board is a classic, long-running celebrity game show,” says Ruane. “After 25 years, the format is getting ready to travel to North and South America. Here’s to the next 25 years!”