MIPTV Spotlight: Acun Medya Global


The newest format from Acun Medya Global is Exathlon, a reality-sports hybrid.

In the series, two teams compete at specially designed locations. Everyday people face off against Olympic athletes, world champion boxers, famous football players and the like. “Sports are a huge interest in the world, and Exathlon is a show where sports meet reality, which appeals to any age and gender with great fun and adrenaline,” says Ebru Atasav Tahranci, the company’s CEO. The show was on air this year in Mexico and Romania, and it will start soon in Colombia and other countries.

“We call Exathlon the new generation [of] sports, with backstage [coverage] of the competition and real personalities and emotions,” she says. “We aim to spread this new generation of television all around the world.”

Atasav Tahranci adds: “MIPTV is the first international platform where Acun Medya is presenting Exathlon.”