MIPCOM Spotlight: Media Ranch


Media Ranch has on offer three new formats from Denmark, South Africa and the U.S.

The music competition My Song to Denmark, created by DR, features 15 top musicians who travel the country on a quest to get inspired to create a hit song. The format “has all the right components—celebrity musicians, catchy songs and a love of country—that can appeal to viewers in every territory,” says Sophie Ferron, president and founder of Media Ranch.

From South Africa’s Trace Studios, The Ultimate Braai Master sees teams compete in barbecue challenges for cash, cars and bragging rights.

Hollywood 911 offers a look at medical emergencies, home invasions and epic meltdowns that demonstrate how celebrities are just like us and must call 911 when trouble arises.

“We are open and enthusiastic to work with producers and partners from everywhere,” Ferron says.