MIPCOM Spotlight: Armoza Formats


An aspiring singer gets a fairytale surprise of having the chance to sing with a musical idol in the prime-time format Singerella, on offer from Armoza Formats at MIPCOM.

The series “uses music, which we know connects people worldwide, and protagonists that we can all relate to in order to bring strong emotional engagement in every episode,” says Sharon Levi, head of sales at Armoza Formats.

The prime-time competition Dance Revolution uses state-of-the-art technology to take a 360-degree snapshot of dancers’ best “revolution” moment. “Dance competitions continue to be a strong and successful genre that entertains and appeals to a wide audience,” says Levi. “Dance Revolution offers a unique element in its use of 360-degree technology that you would usually only see in sports events.”

She adds that Instababe, a short-form teen series, is “tailor-made for today’s Instagram generation.”

“We are coming to MIPCOM with compelling formats that are very much on-trend,” Levi says.