Lion Television USA Pacts for Prank Shows


Lion Television USA has entered into a co-production partnership with Michael Krivicka and his producing partner Peter Veverka for original formats.

Krivicka made a name for himself in the elaborate prank space with viral videos such as “Devil Baby Attack,” “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise” and “Rings TV Store Prank.” Under the deal, Lion will work with Krivicka and Veverka to develop and produce original prank formats for premium cable networks and streaming platforms.

Krivicka and Veverka will work closely alongside Tony Tackaberry, CEO of Lion Television USA, and Stan Hsue, senior VP of development.

Currently, the companies are developing Crazy Products, a format that features fun, over-the-top elaborate “new products” that unsuspecting people test out on camera, as well as Fear the Prank, a format that directly capitalizes on the viral videos that have made Krivicka a force in the industry—scaring the living daylights out of people with ridiculous supernatural incidents in public places.

Tony Tackaberry, CEO of Lion Television USA, said: “Michael is synonymous with intricate and hilarious pranks that have generated huge audiences. Their unique sensibility delivers highly entertaining, escapist content that we feel could be just the tonic in a post-COVID world.”

Krivicka added: I’m impressed with Lion’s ongoing success in the format space. And it feels like the perfect time to transition to long-form entertainment and apply our ideas and storytelling skills there.”