Les Beaux Malaises Adapted in Flemish Belgium


The Québec scripted comedy Les Beaux Malaises has been picked up for adaptation in Flemish Belgium.

Produced by Sputnik TV, the adaptation will air this fall under the local title Boomer on VRT1 in Belgium. Jan Van Looveren will star in the lead role of Martin Matte. The wife and daughter in the adaptation will be played by his real-life wife and daughter.

Created by Martin Matte and co-written with François Avard, the series was first produced by Encore Télévision and Matte TV in collaboration with Quebecor Content. It aired on TVA.

CRAZY COW is working on the adaptation.

Chrystine Girard, head of international distribution at Encore Télévision-Distribution, said: “This new adaptation is proof of the timelessness of the series, which is so well-loved here in Québec and elsewhere in the world. In fact, after Belgium, France, Serbia and the Balkans, Les Beaux Malaises is also gaining traction in a number of territories where additional adaptations are developed.”

Michel Daemen from CRAZY COW said: “The Belgian producer and lead actor immediately fell in love with the format, and the broadcaster believes strongly in the potential of the series. Les Beaux Malaises is expected to be one of the hits of the fall in Belgium!”