ITV Studios Germany Adapting Irresponsable


ITV Studios Germany has begun production on a German adaptation of the award-winning French comedy series Irresponsable, for ZDFneo, locally titled Like a Loser (w.t.).

The series centers on 31-year-old Julian, who has lost his job, is broke and living back with his mother. When he is reunited with his teenage sweetheart, she surprises him with his 15-year-old son, Ernst. Even though it’s a shock, Julian decides to play a role in Ernst’s life, but becoming a father isn’t easy when he still behaves like a teenager himself.

The German adaptation stars Ben Münchow, Tinka Fürst, Diyar Ilhan, Johanna Gastdorf, Tom Beck, Lukas von Horbatschewsky and Victoria Trauttmansdorff, among others.

Like a Loser is created by Frédéric Rosset, produced by Antoine Szymalka for LA Pépinière and co-produced by Emmanuel Dauce for Tetra Media Fiction, a subsidiary of Tetra Media Studio (part of ITV Studios). Facundo Scalerandi directs the scripts by Sandra Schröder and Jonas Heicks.

The scripted format Irresponsable/Beautiful Loser is distributed internationally by ITV Studios.

Emmanuel Daucé, president of Tetra Media Fiction, said, “We are very happy about the adaptation of Irresponsable on ZDFneo. Vielen Dank to the teams of ITV Studios Germany who have proved that humor has no boundaries!”

Christiane Ruff, managing director of ITV Studios Germany, added, “We are so happy to have adapted this great comedy series and are thrilled about the result, especially due to the brilliant cast and our wonderful director. Thanks a lot to Tetra and their creatives for this great original. We can’t wait to go on air and hopefully enchant the audience.”