Disney+ Readies Italia’s Got Talent Premiere


The newest season of Italia’s Got Talent is slated to debut exclusively on Disney+ in Italy on September 1.

Produced by Fremantle Italia, the adaptation’s 13th season will see singer Elettra Lamborghini and social media star Khaby Lame join the judging panel, which also includes talent scout Mara Maionchi and actor and comedian Frank Matano.

Italia’s Got Talent, hosted by Aurora Leone and Gianluca Fru from The Jackal, takes viewers all over Italy to search for talent, starting in Rome and continuing south to Naples, Avellino and Catanzaro, then north to Vicenza and finally to Milan.

The competition this season will feature two semi-finals, in which 16 of the strongest contestants will be admitted. Also new this year, at the end of each audition will be a “selection time.” Not all of the contestants who received 3 yeses will pass automatically; the judges will decide who has access to the semi-finals. Additionally, the public will serve as a fifth judge and will assign their Golden Buzzer during the semi-finals and the final to declare the winner.

Since being created in 2006, Got Talent has been adapted in 77 countries and is currently broadcasted in 23.