Global Agency Hosts World Premiere of The Legend at MIPFormats


CANNES: Closing out MIPFormats this evening, Global Agency presented its brand-new talent show The Legend with a special world premiere in the Palais.

Izzet Pinto, the CEO of Global Agency who also created the concept for The Legend, welcomed the audience in the packed auditorium. “We have been saying that this is the next big thing,” said Pinto, noting that this is a large promise to deliver on but one he takes very seriously. “I fully believe in it.”

His introduction was followed by the premiere of The Legend. While most TV talent shows allow a jury or the audience to decide whether a contestant moves forward or not, this format gives participants the chance to write their own destiny—the power is in the hands of the contestants themselves.

“In the format business, the most important thing is creating feelings for the viewers at home,” said Pinto. The feelings created by The Legend, he explained, include “curiosity,” along with “happy moments,” and viewers getting “angry when contestants are scared to take risks.”

Pinto added, “Since this format creates all these great [emotions], I strongly believe this can be the next big hit. For the last four years, there has been nothing new in talent shows. I think that in every country, this can be a huge hit.”