Fremantle to Use AI Dubbing for Arabic Localization


Fremantle has partnered with the artificial intelligence start-up Papercup, which will localize hundreds of hours of video entertainment content from the company’s catalog of talent shows into Arabic.

Fremantle formats such as Idols, Got Talent and The X Factor will become available on the Talent World hub. The YouTube channel, which will be known locally as عالم المواهب, will use Papercup’s AI technology to automatically translate and dub Fremantle video content into Arabic.

The partnership follows the launch of Fremantle’s Spanish YouTube channel in collaboration with Papercup. The company’s patented AI Dubbing platform localized hours of Los Mejores Talentos En Español (The Best of Got Talent Spain).

Robert Cocker, head of social and digital platforms at Fremantle, said: “Our talent shows are loved by audiences all over the world, and we are delighted that this partnership with Papercup will allow us to bring our content to even more fans. With over 216m YouTube subscribers and 182Bn views, Fremantle has an incredible track record in building engaged audiences, and we are excited to see how Talent World will grow.”

Jesse Shemen, CEO of Papercup, said: “At Papercup, our mission is to make all the world’s videos watchable in any language. We empower global companies to reach an international audience eager to watch videos in their native language, which they couldn’t access before. With the proliferation of entertainment content out there, competition for viewers’ attention is ever-increasing. By partnering with Fremantle to localize content with high viewership in existing markets, we enable them to sustainably scale that success in new markets.”