Fremantle Adds Find Me Somebody to Love to Catalog


Find Me Somebody to Love, created by Abot Hameiri and Reshet in Israel, is the latest dating format to join Fremantle’s slate.

The format sees four single women put their lives and careers on hold and move into an apartment together for a whole month as they focus on finding their true love. The ladies choose potential partners from a database, with the suitor moving into the apartment with them for three days. During the dating trial, experts observe and set challenges and dates for the couples to help them get to know each other better. At the end of the three days, the women decide whether they want their partners to stay for another three days or if they’d like a new match.

Find Me Somebody to Love has already launched on Israel’s Reshet 13 as the highest-rated show of the week for the channel.

Guy Hameiri, CEO of Abot Hameiri, added: “Find Me Somebody to Love has a journey that every viewer can relate to and learn from. It’s a real experiment and a very honest and emotional format, and we are delighted with its brilliant launch on Reshet.”

Ami Glam, VP and head of content at Reshet, said: “We are very proud of both the impressive launch and the great reviews of Find Me Somebody to Love. Together with Abot Hameiri we were able to develop and create a new storytelling of searching for love on TV. In a market of many dating shows, we are confident that we have found a unique voice that can fit a broadcaster anywhere”

Rob Clark, director of global entertainment at Fremantle, commented: “This format is very different to ones we’ve seen before; it’s a very clever and unique approach to dating. Guy and the team have created a very sophisticated format, that is full of honesty, friendship and of course love. We are delighted with the ratings on Reshet and are confident that this format will go on to global success.”