FOX’s FASTRACK Open for Submissions


FOX Alternative Entertainment (FAE), the in-house unscripted studio of FOX Entertainment, is now accepting applications for its 2022 FASTRACK initiative.

FASTRACK was designed to nurture producers with diverse backgrounds and life experiences, as well as create a strong, well-rounded pipeline for new talent behind the camera on FAE series.

FASTRACK will select two to three candidates to join as associate producers on production teams across various FAE-produced shows, including The Masked Singer.

The initiative, which kicks off with its second class in April 2022, will give the FASTRACK associate producers valuable exposure to many facets of production, including the full-cycle casting process, tracking stories and assisting field teams in capturing content, among other areas.

The year-long program will provide the candidates with on-the-ground, hands-on production experience, as well as guidance and advice throughout the experience while working under the supervision of senior producers across various FAE-produced shows, as they assist in the production of network television shows. This may be during preproduction, production and the postproduction phases of an unscripted television show.

Upon completion of the program, FAE will have the opportunity to potentially engage FASTRACK associate producers to continue working on FAE-produced shows.