Ex on the Beach Spin-Off to Debut on MTV


Ex on the Beach Couples, an expansion of the Ex on the Beach franchise, is slated to debut on MTV in the U.S. on February 9 and internationally on February 16.

The new series follows six couples who are ready to get engaged but are being held back by an ever-present ex. Through a series of intense challenges to their relationship and strength-building exercises, the couples decide if they can finally move on from their exes and achieve their happily ever after or if they must split up and go their separate ways forever.

The new series is hosted by relationship expert and TV host Kamie Crawford (Catfish: The TV Show). Among the new couples are Ben and Jade from Australia, who are plagued by Jade’s jealousy about Ben’s most recent ex Kellie; Jamie and Thailah from the U.K., who are dealing with Jamie’s request for an open relationship and Thailah’s ex’s belief that Thailah wouldn’t want that; and Jake and Holly from Australia, who are struggling with Holly’s frustration over Jake refusing to talk about taking the next step, which she attributes to his ex Pala. Also featured on the show are Liam and Leylah from the U.K., who are dealing with Liam’s belief that Leylah still has feelings for her ex Samura; Sorinn and Lola from the U.S., who are plagued by Sorinn’s jealousy and insecurity about Lola’s ex Christopher; and Spari and Shayla from the U.S., who are struggling with trust issues, as Spari still works with his ex-girlfriend Ri.

Ex on the Beach Couples is based on a format by Entertainment One (eOne) company Whizz Kid Entertainment, with ITV Netherlands producing this season. Executive producers are Malcolm Gerrie and Lisa Chapman for Whizz Kid, Matt Anderson and Cooper Green for Purveyors of Pop, Tara Long for eOne, Dan Caster and Diana Morelli for MTV, Keith Burke and Lisa Marie Tobin.