Endemol Shine Italy Creates AI-Driven Improv Comedy Format


Endemol Shine Italy, part of Banijay Italy, has teamed up with Rai on the brand-new comedy entertainment format Fake Show (Diffidate delle imitazioni).

Hosted by Italian actor, comedian and author Max Giusti, the original format sees celebrities showcase their improv skills, impersonating characters, dialects, objects, sounds and even their fellow showbiz counterparts. A comedic version of AI is generating unpredictable situations, rules and games alongside them.

Diffidate delle imitazioni will air on Rai in prime time this fall.

Leonardo Pasquinelli, CEO Endemol Shine Italy, said: “Fake Show promises a comedic and fun evening highlighting the world of impersonation, improv and imitation. We’re excited to showcase AI in helping create eccentric sketches which the audience will love to watch again and again. Full credit to the team behind the format’s creation and delivery, including our very talented host, Max Giusti.”

James Townley, chief content officer for development at Banijay, added: “We are seeing continued demand for light-hearted formats that put a smile on viewers’ faces, and Fake Show guarantees just this. With AI at its heart, this ground-breaking format is versatile, scalable and connects audiences, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for it.”