DR in Denmark Adapts Meat the Family Format


DR has commissioned Snowman Productions, a Red Arrow Studios company, to produce a local version of the social-experiment format Meat the Family.

Meat the Family invites meat-loving families to share their homes with the animals they’d normally serve up for dinner—asking the question, “How much do we really know about the animals we put on our plates?” Three weeks later, the families must decide whether to give up meat and send their animals to a sanctuary or have them slaughtered and eat their former houseguests.

Originally produced by Spun Gold TV based on a format by Rise Films, Meat the Family aired on Channel 4 in 2019. The DR1 adaptation is titled Maden flytter ind (The Food Moves In).

The format is distributed worldwide by Red Arrow Studios International.

Anne Garlichs, program director at DR, said: “The increased interest in animal welfare and the environmental consequences of our meat production industries is the focus of this entertaining format. In a surprising and informative way, the format explores the pros and cons of producing and eating meat the way we do it now. The emotional choice each family faces, of whether to eat or save their animal roommates, will no doubt spark a relevant debate in the many family homes of Denmark.”

Mette Nissen, head of programming at Snowman, said: “The debate about animal welfare and eating meat continues to rage everywhere, including Denmark. Meat the Family brilliantly explores this by making it feel relevant, inspiring and entertaining—and without any judgment. We’ve found four wonderful, brave families to take on the challenge.”