Cheap Cheap Cheap Among Hat Trick’s Format Highlights


LONDON: Hat Trick International is introducing four new formats to international buyers at MIPTV, with Cheap Cheap Cheap among them.

Originally produced by Hat Trick Productions for Channel 4 in the U.K., Cheap Cheap Cheap takes place in a fictional convenience store. It is centered on a game show, hosted by Noel Edmonds, who plays the store owner and invites pairs of contestants to win an increasing amount of money by correctly picking the cheapest of three similar items. Throughout the game, the shop’s eccentric staff offer the contestants advice, encouragement and distraction. The U.K. version is currently in production.

Hat Trick International will also present Rich House Poor House, which follows two families from opposite ends of the wealth divide as they trade places to find out whether money really does buy happiness. In each episode, one family from the richest 10 percent and another from the poorest 10 percent swap homes, budgets and lives for seven days and follow each other’s spending patterns and weekly schedules to live life at the other end of the wealth divide. Rich House Poor House was originally produced by Hat Trick Productions for Channel 5.

Another highlight is the aspirational reality format How to Live Mortgage Free. It follows a team of property experts as they meet people who are self-building unconventional homes, all with one aim in mind: to be mortgage/rent free. Produced by Plum Pictures for Channel 4, where the series will feature Sarah Beeny alongside architect Damion Burrows and designer Max McMurdo, How to Live Mortgage Free follows the life-changing stories of the pioneering homemakers who are putting all their cash on the line, doing most of the work themselves and using ingenious design and affordable building techniques in an effort to achieve their dream of living without debt.

Sarah Tong, the director of sales at Hat Trick International, commented, “I’m excited to be bringing such a diverse and high-quality slate of brand-new formats developed by our production partners to MIPTV. Despite the wide variety of the subject matter, all four titles offer strong potential for easy adaptation for local markets and tastes, with our reality formats tackling timely and globally-relevant issues that are increasingly important to a wide range of people around the world, and, of course, our new game show Cheap Cheap Cheap bringing an essential element of fun and laughter to international schedules. And all this on top of Hat Trick International format favorites such as Have I Got News for You, Room 101 and Whose Line Is It Anyway? that continue to be remade worldwide year after year.”