Cash at Your Door Scores U.S. Pickup


All3Media International has licensed the game-show format Cash at Your Door to NBCUniversal for a local treatment on E! in the U.S.

All3Media International’s sister company Lion USA will be producing the U.S. adaptation. Cash at Your Door presents an innovative twist on the traditional studio-based game show, literally knocking at the doors of potential contestants’ homes.

NBCU’s adaptation has two rounds, with players given three strikes before they are out. In the final bonus round, players are asked three questions each worth increasing amounts. Players must decide to quit or keep going to try and win the final prize of $25,000 by answering all questions correctly. Each member of the family faces increasingly difficult general knowledge, trivia and “home” questions.

Ami Amir, creator and executive producer, said: “I’m thrilled that my show is still attracting fabulous partners around the world, care of All3Media International. I’m sure U.S. audiences will love the Lion adaptation—Jason Biggs is a truly fabulous choice for the host.”

Allison Corn, senior VP of production and development at Lion Television USA, said: “We’ve been big fans of this format for years and are very excited to find such a wonderful home for it in the U.S. on E!. Now more than ever audiences are responding to shows with positive energy, and with a host like Jason Biggs, we are thrilled to be bringing laughs and cash to our contestants’ doorsteps. This peek into their homes and lives allows the audience to get to know them and cheer for them like no other game show.”

Nick Smith, executive VP of formats at All3Media International, said: “We are delighted to see Cash at Your Door continuing to travel globally and prove its universal adaptability. Matar’s founder Ami Amir has created a fun, flexible and timeless format that is perfect for family viewing, whilst also being highly cost-effective and easy to produce in international markets.”