Bride and Prejudice Set for Channel 4


Channel 4 has commissioned Bride and Prejudice, a reality series based on an A+E Networks format.

The five-part series will tell the stories of six couples that are preparing to walk down the aisle. The catch is that these couples don’t have the full approval of their families, as at least one member disapproves of the union. The series addresses sensitive issues such as race, class differences, same-sex marriage and more.

Lucy Leveugle, acting head of factual entertainment at Channel 4, said, “Bride and Prejudice looks at issues ripe and relevant in Britain today through the prism of Romeo and Juliet stories of star-crossed lovers and their families. The series is as much about the underlying bonds within these families as the conflict that these issues raise.”

Duncan Coates, executive producer for 7Wonder, commented, “There’s nothing like a wedding to flush out a family drama, especially when it crosses traditional divides. Bride and Prejudice is a timely re-working of an age-old love story. Warm, witty and searingly honest, it’s a brilliant insight into the struggles for acceptance played out across Britain today.”