Boomerang Set for Swedish Adaptation


The first international adaptation of Encore International and Quebecor Content’s comedy series Boomerang is slated to launch in Sweden.

Per an agreement with the Swedish production company Art & Bob, ten half-hour episodes of the new local version of Boomerang have been confirmed. The adaptation will be filmed in Sweden starting October 7 and broadcast across all Scandinavian countries beginning in spring 2020.

The original version of Boomerang, an original idea by Catherine-Anne Toupin, is currently broadcast in France on Amazon Prime and in Poland. Produced by Encore Television in collaboration with Quebecor Content and broadcast on TVA in Canada, the show is a romantic comedy featuring a debt-ridden couple that’s forced to move into their parents’ basement.

Anette Brantin, Art & Bob’s executive producer, said: “We started developing the adaptation a few weeks ago and we’re excited to now start shooting. Not many comedy series can be adapted successfully outside of their home countries, but Boomerang is one of them. The characters are smart and funny, the scripts are strong and we have a lot of episodes to work with—which means we, along with our broadcaster, can create a long-running adapted series.”

Chrystine Girard, Encore’s head of international distribution, said: “We couldn’t be happier that Boomerang is being adapted in Sweden. This is a strong comedy series, and to have Art & Bob on board to produce the first international adaptation ever makes us very proud. We’re confident this will open doors to other adaptations around the world.”

Yann Paquet, VP of Quebecor Content, said: “We are pleased by this collaboration with Art & Bob and by the interest this format receives internationally. Once again, this shows how strong our series are and how well they travel. We’re very proud to contribute to the recognition of Québec’s creative talent worldwide.”