Banijay Productions Germany Prepping Big Bounce Battle


Banijay Productions Germany is set to produce Big Bounce Battle (Big Bounce—Die Trampolin Show) for RTL.

In the format, trampoline athletes aged between 10 and 55 will compete in a battle of endurance, agility and balance. To reach the final, the contestants must take part in elimination heats featuring parkour obstacles, with the cash prize going to the one who completes the specially designed trampoline course in the fastest time.

The third season of Big Bounce Battle is slated to launch in 2023. Created by Endemol Shine Nederland, the format first aired in Germany in 2018, with the second season airing in 2019. The format also has local versions in France and the U.S.

Arno Schneppenheim, managing director of Banijay Productions Germany, said: “Big Bounce Battle is colorful, dynamic and packed with adrenaline, making it the perfect watch for all ages. We are excited to work with RTL once more and see contestants from all walks of life compete in the new series, which will be more entertaining and exhilarating than ever.”

Lucas Green, global head of content operations at Banijay, added: “This format is visually powerful and full of jeopardy, topped off with some awe-inspiring moves. Banijay Productions Germany has done a fantastic job reinvigorating the show, which is now bigger, bouncier and back with a bang.”