Banijay Finland to Produce Local Version of Big Class Reunion


Big Class Reunion, an entertainment show that gives a glimpse into stars’ school experiences, is set to be adapted for Finnish audiences by Banijay Finland.

Marja Hintikka will host Big Class Reunion as well-known actors, musicians, athletes and entertainment stars share anecdotes about their school days. They dive into both good and bad memories—from their favorite songs to first crushes and embarrassing moments—with their childhood friends at their side. The celebrities are also forced to retake school tests they had taken years before.

Hintikka said: “School memories are enjoyed by everyone. While they may not always be good, we can certainly all identify with them and as such, this theme is perfect as the basis of a format. Offering lots of fun, unprecedented archival treasures, and completely new stories from familiar faces, this show has something for everyone.”

Tatu Ferchen, Banijay Finland CEO, added: “Big Class Reunion has traveled and performed well across the Banijay footprint and we could not be happier to be putting our own spin on it for audiences in Finland. With school memories at the core of the show, we have no doubt the show will resonate with all who tune in.”