ATF Spotlight: Global Agency


Global Agency’s Cleaning Masters, a highlight for ATF, sees five contestants compete to see who can clean a house the best in a week’s time.

Glam Squad also showcases players battling to be crowned number one, with four teams of two—a hair designer and a makeup artist—going head to head to see who can make their model look the best.

“Both Glam Squad and Cleaning Masters are very appealing for producers and channels given their huge ratings success in Turkey,” says Işil Türkşen, the company’s sales director for Asia. “Both of these daily strip reality-competition formats have a modern, flowing, addictive and extremely cost-effective structure that will appeal to buyers.”

Also on offer is The Legend, a talent-show format that sees the contestants choose each other’s fates.

“We will try to reach many buyers from across the region at the market, and we hope to make new contacts,” says Türkşen.