Armoza’s Back to Life Set for Local Treatment in Italy


Armoza Formats has inked a deal with Palomar for an Italian adaptation of the docu-reality show Back to Life.

Back to Life tells the stories of patients who are waiting for a lifesaving organ donation. The format was recently snapped up by Rochstar in Poland and WDR in Germany. It is due to debut soon on Channel 10 in Israel.

Marco Cingoli, the head of the entertainment division at Palomar, remarked: “From the very first moment we watched the trailer we felt that Back to Life is a touching, moving and inspiring TV experience. This is why Palomar is proud to have the opportunity to work on such an emotional and meaningful program that will surely raise awareness and impact life, and most importantly, the saving of life.”

Avi Armoza, the CEO of Armoza Formats, added: “With such an important format as Back to Life, it is important to highlight what makes it unique: the powerful opportunity it presents to change lives. We are looking forward to working with Palomar to bring this format to Italy.”