Armoza Presents New Studio Game Show Wrecking Ball


TEL AVIV: The new studio game show Wrecking Ball is being launched by Armoza Formats at MIPTV.

The format features a set of giant wrecking balls, suspended from the studio and waiting to knock the contestants out of the game. Contestants must select answers from a set of multiple-choice responses. If they get it wrong, in comes the wrecking balls. If they answer correctly, the ball will stop right in front of their face. What’s at stake is $250,000. The series is produced by Armoza Formats, Shenhar Productions and Volley Formats.

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, said: “The current situation of the TV industry requires broadcasters to look for shows with high stand-out both in their USPs and in their marketing potential. We believe that Wrecking Ball answers this need with its exhilarating and constant combination of humor, suspense and drama. Wrecking Ball engages viewers mentally, physically and visually and we are thrilled to be launching it this MIPTV.”