Armoza Formats Unveils New Titles for MIPTV


TEL AVIV: Armoza Formats’s new studio game show Wrecking Ball sees a team of three contestants face four giant wrecking balls and nine increasingly difficult questions for the chance to win $250,000.

“As well as heightening the stakes of the game, the wrecking balls add a combination of drama and humor at every stage, making it a thrilling and authentic viewing experience,” says Avi Armoza, the company’s founder and CEO. “This authentic viewing experience is a perspective that broadcasters are looking for across all genres, and is what we are bringing with the launch of our new factual-entertainment show The Foodies.”

The Foodies is a new docureality developed and produced by Armoza Formats. In every episode, viewers join groups of foodies as they take over a new restaurant. Each group is unique, but they all have one thing in common: their passion for food.

Armoza Formats is also launching the docureality format Local Heroes. Aired on Belgium’s VTM and produced by Geronimo, the show has already been commissioned in the Netherlands as a format, in Austria as a ready-made and a second season has now been commissioned in Belgium.

Date in Reverse, a Formagination competition finalist produced by Shenhar Productions and Volley Formats, promises an innovative take on the dating genre. Each week two singles looking for love will get to know each other by experiencing the most meaningful milestones in a relationship, but the process will be condensed into one day and will be in reverse.

The Running Show, produced by Armoza Formats, Sohu and Zipi Rozenblum, is fast-paced lifestyle show that combines the essence of a talk show with a highly-charged entertainment format.

Armoza continues to build momentum for Marry Me Now, which has now been licensed in France, Germany, Italy and Australia. Produced by Armoza Formats and Zipi Rozenblum and also a Formagination finalist, the factual-entertainment format gives women the chance to take charge of their own fate, planning a wedding and surprising the groom-to-be.

In addition, Armoza will be launching three scripted shows to cap off its new slate. La Famiglia is an Israeli comedy from United Studios Israel. Vertige is a dramatic miniseries that aired on Canada’s TVA and Series+ and is produced by Pixcom. The thriller The Wordmaker aired on Israel’s HOT and is produced by MyTV.

“From powerful factual formats and drama to hard-hitting game shows and side-splitting comedy, all of our launches are set to knock viewers off their feet,” Armoza says.