all3media international’s Catch Me Out Heads to Brazil


Brazil’s TV Globo has struck a deal with all3media international for the rights for the prime-time entertainment format Catch Me Out.

The Brazilian broadcaster will produce four 40-minute episodes of the show in-house to air during its long-running prime-time series Domingão do Faustão. The deal also gives TV Globo the option to produce an additional five episodes of the series.

A Glitterbox/Fizz (Studio Lambert/RDF) co-production, Catch Me Out sees everyday people try to convince an audience that they are professional entertainers. Contestants have four weeks to train with a coach to master their performance, which can be anything from acrobatics to opera singing. The contestants will then perform alongside the professionals, and the audience will vote on who they think the imposter is in each performance. The contestant who dupes the most people wins.

TV Globo has already produced and aired several seasons of the factual-entertainment format Undercover Boss, also from Studio Lambert and all3media international.

Janel Downing, VP of sales for Latin America at all3media international, said, “We’re really pleased to see Catch Me Out airing as part of TV Globo’s Domingão do Faustão, which has been a mainstay of Brazil’s Sunday evening schedules for three decades. Catch Me Out is a fresh and exciting format that combines the appeal of a talent/variety show with the anticipation of an incognito challenge show. Even the viewers at home don’t discover the identity of the novices until after the final performance, so this inspiring and often emotional show keeps everyone guessing until the very end.”