New Format We’re All Here—Live Launches in Finland


The fast-turnaround format We’re All Here—Live features musical artists performing live two nights a week in Finland on Yle and Yle’s Areena platform.

In the interactive TV show, viewers can participate by sending photos of how they are spending evenings together with their close ones. The photos are then shown on a huge video screen behind the performing artists. Some viewers can also participate in the broadcast via a group video call with the host, and viewers hear how the current situation is in their neighborhood. Viewers are also invited to visit the homes of Finland’s biggest celebrities, who reveal the top three things that they like to do while at home.

Aito Media created and produced the show in cooperation with Aku’s Factory, a Finnish audiovisual production company.

Ilkka Hynninen, CEO and executive producer of Aito Media, said: “We have been developing an interactive TV show for a while, which helped us to put this production together as fast as we did. Given the current situation, we were thrilled that Yle trusted us with delivering them a show that brings people together.”

Ville Vilén, creative director of Yle, added: “I think we made, if not the world record, but at least the national record in putting everything together. One week from the decision to actually airing the show.”