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Top 100 Digital Channels: Western Europe

***World Screen - Top 100 Digital Channels: Western Europe***

***Report Graphic***The rapid deployment of DTT and IPTV platforms in Western Europe over the past few years has resulted in a surge in the number of digital channels across the region. These relatively new players, many of them offshoots of the major free-to-air broadcasters, are creating a myriad new opportunities for content producers and distributors across multiple genres.

World Screen‘s Top 100 Digital Channels: Western Europe downloadable report is your essential guide to doing business with these outlets.


This comprehensive directory, available now for US$395 features:
Programming Strategies: Featuring information on daytime, access and prime-time scheduling, signature franchises and the channels’ original to acquired ratio.
Contact Information: Acquisitions, commissioning and development contacts.
Shopping List: The types of content channels are looking to acquire and commission.

***Report Graphic***The report allows you to easily navigate to the channel you’re looking for, with indexes sorting the channels alphabetically, by country and by genre.

The Top 100 Digital Channels: Western Europe guide was compiled by Jay Stuart, the author of World Screen‘s previous downloadable reports on the U.S. and the U.K. World Screen‘s special projects editor and European correspondent, Stuart has covered the international television and media business for more than two decades, during which he has been a staff overseas correspondent of Variety, editor of Television Business International and editorial director of Kagan World Media in London.

Channels profiled in the guide include:

Denmark: Kanal 5, TV2 Charlie, TV3+
Finland: JIM, MTV3 Max, Teema
France: Gulli, Histoire, Paris Premiere, Téva
Germany: Passion, Romance TV, sixx
Italy: DeA Kids, La5, RAI 4
Netherlands: Holland Doc 24, RTL Lounge
Norway: FEM, TV2 Bliss
Spain: Clan, Factoria de Ficción, Neox
Sweden: Sjuan, TV3, TV4 Fakta

Purchase the downloadable directory for US$395 here.

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