Thirteen/WNET to Chart Unnatural History

NEW YORK, August 3:
Thirteen/WNET New York and Unnatural Productions will co-produce 65 episodes of
the educational kids’ series Unnatural History over a period of several years.

Produced in 3-D animation,
the series will follow four children who travel through time to foil the
efforts of an “anti-technology syndicate” that tries to prevent the invention
of present-day items that youngsters can’t imagine living without. The program
focuses on the ways in which “innovation happens at the intersection of history
and science.”

"We are excited to
unite the production team responsible for the hit PBS series Cyberchase with the stellar talents of Jonas McCord and Seth
Piezas of Unnatural Productions," said Tamara Robinson, the VP and
director of programming for Thirteen/WNET. "This dynamic collaboration is
sure to produce a series that captures the imaginations of young viewers while
sparking curiosity and opening their minds to new ideas."

Piezas stated, "Jonas
and I look forward to bringing our experience from the Hollywood feature world
to the realm of public television to create a series that combines outstanding
visuals and humor with solid storytelling and an educational mission.”

McCord has worked on
various television series, including The Young Riders and Earth: Final Conflict. Piezas spent four years at Pixar Animation
Studios, with production credits that include Toy Story 2 and The Incredibles.