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Social Entertainment Platform TaTaTu Launches in the U.S.


TaTaTu, a blockchain-based social entertainment platform that allows users to earn tokens by watching and sharing content, is launching in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and Italy.

Available on Android, iOS and web apps, TaTaTu combines the features of social media and VOD platforms by rewarding users with tokens for viewing content and sharing it with their friends. Users can then redeem TTU Token for coupons and promo codes, giving them access to special discounts for various products and services. The digital tokens will be redeemable through the TaTaTu Store.

The coupon and promo code initiative is driven by TaTaTu’s partnership with Triboo. Samsung Electronics Italia will also incentivize content consumption by providing users with exclusive promo codes.

TaTaTu currently holds over 900 titles and over 1800 hours of movies, TV and other digital content, including classic titles like Heathers, Hotel Splendide and The Amateurs.

“With many months of planning, we are very excited for the launch of TaTaTu across five countries and are very thankful to great players like Samsung that are participating in this,” said TaTaTu Founder Andrea Iervolino. “This is a platform like no other in the marketplace, that allows the user to be financially compensated all while watching their favorite shows.”

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