Foothill Unveils Expanded Catalogue

SANTA BARBARA: Foothill Entertainment has redeveloped My Momtourage and Me, which is among the highlights on its MIPTV slate, from animation to live action to broaden its appeal to reach the tween audience as well as the whole family.

My Momtourage and Me, created by Australian illustrater/writer Kyla May, focues on the relationship between a teenager and her famous pop-star mom. “We are not losing the feel of the original brand by moving to live-action but expanding on its potential,” said Jo Kavanagh-Payne, the president of Foothill. “Moreover, we are still keeping the doors open to other opportunities with the animation and are delighted that this will now be an exciting series for the whole family to enjoy.”

Also on Foothill’s slate is the live-action series Me & My Shadow. The series follows a teenage boy who finds his world turned upside down when his shadow takes on a life of its own. The property has been aged up for the whole family, and a new script has been finalized. We believe we have finally achieved the comedy and tone that we have been looking for,” added Gregory Payne, the chairman of Foothill. “In this latest script, we think the project has really come alive.”

The CGI series Boy and the Dinosaur, meanwhile, tells the story of a boy who wishes on a shooting star one night while playing with his toy dinosaur. The next morning, the boy duscovers that he and the dinosaur have traveled back through time and space together.