Wednesday, February 28, 2024

December 2023

***World Screen***

World Screen

Interviews with Bosch: Legacy’s Henrik Bastin and Tom Bernardo, Fallen’s Matt Hastings and Banijay Rights’ Rashmi Bajpai, as well as a GoQuest Media showcase.

***TV Asia***

TV Asia

At a Crossroads: Distributors heading to Asia TV Forum weigh in on the acquisition trends expected to define their businesses in the region in 2024. Plus, interviews with Nippon TV’s Yoshikuni Sugiyama, Excel Entertainment’s Farhan Akhtar, Rewind Networks’ Avi Himatsinghani and Warner Bros. Discovery’s James Gibbons, as well as highlights from the TV Asia Screenings Festival.

***TV Listings***

TV Listings

Listings for numerous companies participating in ATF, including links to trailers.