Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Ken Watanabe

The actor talks about his performance in An Artist of the Floating World as an aging painter reflecting on his life in the aftermath of World War II.  

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ATF Spotlight: One Life Studios

Several costume dramas from One Life Studios’ catalog will be showcased at ATF, including Chandragupta Maurya, which follows a reluctant boy and an adamant teacher in their efforts to unite India against foreign invaders and King Dhananand.

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ATF Spotlight: ABS-CBN Corporation

The Killer Bride, on offer from ABS-CBN Corporation, is set in Las Espadas, a town that’s been haunted by the ghost of a murderous bride for years—most of its residents tell stories of encountering her still in her bloody wedding dress and veil.

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Kew Media Group’s Greg Phillips

As the president of Kew Media Distribution, Greg Phillips leads a team tasked with exploiting a catalog of 11,000 hours across all platforms and working with producers, internally and externally, on financing and distribution strategies.

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