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What They Say About Us


World Screen helps set the tone of the conversation for our global television business. It combines interesting commentary, thoughtful analysis and a platform for media executives around the world to express their thoughts on the leading issues of the day. In an increasingly complex and fast-changing environment, World Screen remains an indispensable one-stop guide to the ideas and trends shaping our industry.”
—Jon Feltheimer, CEO, Lionsgate


World Screen offers an insightful perspective of today’s fast-changing media industry.”
—Paul Buccieri, President & Chairman, A+E Networks Group


“Thank you, World Screen, for regularly providing me with excellent articles on international media topics. For me, World Screen is an important means of information—well-structured and reader-oriented.”
—Gerhard Zeiler, President, International, Warner Bros. Discovery


“I look to World Screen for news on trends and developments in the entertainment industry. Its unbiased, timely and accurate reporting is a great resource for my business and ensures that we are always up-to-speed on the latest news and analysis.”
—Haim Saban, Chairman & CEO, Saban Capital Group


“For me, World Screen is one of the best trade papers in the industry. In addition, it is far and away the most attractive magazine. That’s why I simply can’t throw away any copy of it!”
—John de Mol, Founder, Talpa Media Group


“We truly appreciate and respect World Screen, which always keeps improving to be at the forefront of industry publications. Their digital editions with well-researched articles that also give immediate access to trailers and websites are key when strategizing Nippon TV’s global expansion.” —Akira Ishizawa, President & CEO, Nippon TV


World Screen provides clear, insightful reporting on the most critical and complex issues of our industry. It combines local savvy with a global perspective, and it is an important source of information.”
—Gustavo Cisneros, Chairman, Cisneros


World Screen is a great resource—the perfect one-stop guide to what matters most in global entertainment.”
—Bonnie Hammer, Vice Chairman, NBCUniversal

“For many years I have found World Screen and its daily newsfeed an extremely useful and valuable resource for information across the entire global content business.”
—Marco Bassetti, CEO, Banijay


“Entertainment One teams across the globe read World Screen to get a comprehensive view of our vibrant international industry. World Screen is certainly one of the most well-written and dependable media magazines out there.”
—Darren Throop, President & CEO, Entertainment One


World Screen is vital for any global television player. As our concepts of traditional television and the challenges of this new golden age become more blurred every day, World Screen is able to put into focus all that is relevant in this complex, diverse, and continually changing landscape of global entertainment.”
—Christophe Riandee, Vice CEO, Gaumont


“Latin America is one of the key territories for development, so having accurate and updated information of the region, contextualized within international industry trends, is crucial. For years, the team at TV Latina has transformed the publication into a benchmark for industry analysis and for us it’s a must-read resource.”
—Ignacio Corrales, Managing Director, Buendía Estudios


World Screen helps keep me on top of both the opportunities and the pitfalls in the global media marketplace.”
—John Hendricks, Founder & Chairman, Curiosity

World Screen is my compass. I look for the newsletter every morning knowing that it will have essential information and keep me connected with our partners and creators. The online webcasts are spot on and I always learn something I can use as we move forward. We are proud at NATPE of our partnership with World Screen.”
—JP Bommel, President & CEO, NATPE


“No matter where you operate, the media and telecom business is moving at light speed today. You can never be too informed. World Screen helps connect the dots between content suppliers, broadcasters, broadband distribution platforms like ourselves and—most importantly—the consumer. It’s a great resource.”
—Mike Fries, CEO & Vice Chairman, Liberty Global


“We always read World Screen while on the road. It’s a valuable source of industry news and information that is unmatched.”
—Bertram van Munster & Elise Doganieri, Co-Executive Producers & Co-Creators, The Amazing Race


“Being well-informed is something the team of professionals who make up the Mediapro Group highly value. As such, World Screen provides us with an essential overview of what’s happening in our sector internationally.”
—Tatxo Benet, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Mediapro Group


“Dori Media Group achieved great worldwide exposure and awareness to our brand name in a short time—World Screen definitely played an important role in achieving it.”
—Nadav Palti, President & CEO, Dori Media Group


“Since Keshet is constantly exploring how to further expand in the global content market, World Screen has become a primary source of insight and information. Its trusted news and analysis, from an international perspective, is essential for anyone in this increasingly convergent market.”
—Avi Nir, CEO, Keshet Media Group


World Screen is like an addiction for me. It supplies a necessary fix of international information. And I love the smell of it.”
—Managing Director, Media & Entertainment, ITV


“As international markets have become increasingly important for traditional media companies and even more important in the new world of the Internet, World Screen has become a vital source of news and information while navigating through a complex and quickly evolving media industry.”
—Michael Eisner, Founder, The Tornante Company


World Screen is a trusted supplier of news and analysis about global programming trends. It’s a required read at any market and between every market. Don’t leave home without it.”
—Kevin Beggs, Chairman, Lionsgate Television Group

Rola Bauer

“Keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape of the international television industry is exciting and challenging. World Screen‘s editorial scope is an invaluable, comprehensive resource for all the news, trends and analysis. I look forward to their informative daily World Screen Newsflash for updates.”
—Rola Bauer, President, International Television Productions, MGM


World Screen is required reading for anyone working in the global television business. Its local expertise and global perspective make it a vital source of information and insight.”
—Anne Sweeney, Board Member, Netflix


World Screen is a one-stop information destination that keeps me abreast of current developments in the television industry worldwide.”
—Michael Garin, CEO, twofour54 Abu Dhabi


World Screen keeps me appraised on the constant changes in the global television arena and provides an insight to major worldwide industry trends that I weigh in my daily decision-making process.”
—Diego Lerner, President, LatAm, The Walt Disney Company


World Screen is a great source of information in a fast-changing media world, where nothing is trivial. It combines strong local analysis with broad global perspective. It is a very useful tool that provides a comprehensive overview of everything that matters in global media.”
—Ynon Kreiz, Chairman & CEO, Mattel


“For up-to-the-minute news and industry reporting, there is no better source than World Screen. It provides great insight into the global market, helping us to monitor emerging trends in key territories around the world.”
—David Ellender, CEO, Halcyon Studios


World Screen is a valuable resource for all buyers interested in the international market.”
—Janet Han Vissering, Senior VP, Development & Production, Nat Geo WILD


World Screen is one of the most trusted sources of information about the industry. Its news items update us on the most important topics involving the top media companies and trends in audiences and markets.”
—Eduardo Ruiz, President & General Manager, A+E Networks Latin America


“There are just a few newsletters which I read daily. World Screen Newsflash is definitely one!”
—Sebastian Debertin, Head, International Content Acquisitions & Co-Productions, KiKA


“In a rapidly changing and increasingly digital world, I stay up to date daily on the latest trends in the media and entertainment industry with”
—Jonathan Blum, President, Cisneros Media


World Screen has long been the leading publication for the industry. It has established itself as the most authoritative, reliable and up-to-date source of information for the sector. As it maintains the leadership which it has held for years, we are proud to be a partner with World Screen.”
—Izzet Pinto, CEO, Global Agency


TV Latina is an indispensable source of information [known] for its independence and rigor. Its features and detailed analysis have made the publication a fundamental reference for all of us who are dedicated to television in Latin America.”
—Eduardo Zulueta, President, AMC Networks International


“Our advertisement in World Screen received immediate and direct sales enquiries in the few days before MIPTV from buyers we didn’t know and which we were able to translate into concrete sales during the market. You can’t ask for much more than that.”
—Genevieve Dexter, Founder & CEO, Serious Kids & Eye Present

TV Latina is today one among the top B-to-B circulating magazines in the country and the credit for that solely goes to its professional team for making this magazine reach such great heights.”
—Tom Mohler, CEO, Olympusat

TV Latina is an essential resource for executives in the television industry. Its editorial content, written with an international perspective, keeps us abreast of the latest trends, news and the future of the dynamic media and entertainment industry.”
—Pierluigi Gazzolo, President & Chief Transformation Officer, TelevisaUnivision


World Screen is a vital source of information for our industry worldwide. With the latest news, in-depth interviews as well as market analyses and trends, World Screen provides all the information media executives require in today’s market.”
—Cathy Payne, CEO, Banijay Rights

“It is increasingly important in our industry to have specialized media that provide reliable, diverse and up-to-date information, just as World Screen does on a daily basis.”
—Federico Cuervo, Senior VP & Head, VIS Americas