Seychelles Hotels to Carry SPI International’s FashionBox HD


CANNES: SPI International’s FashionBox HD TV channel will launch in Seychelles hotels as an in-suite TV network.

Cable & Wireless Seychelles will handle distribution. FashionBox HD features content ranging from shopping, lifestyle and new fashion trends. It belongs to SPI International’s worldwide pay-TV portfolio and is carried by multiple TV platforms and cable networks in Europe and Africa, as well as through IPTVs all over the world.

“We are excited to make the FashionBox HD part of an unforgettable holiday experience should vacationers in the Seychelles choose to watch our channel in their hotel room,” said Amit Karni, the head of sales for Africa at SPI International. “The face of Seychelles’s accommodation scene is rapidly changing as new and renovated establishments are coming on line regularly. SPI is glad to partner with Cable & Wireless Seychelles, the first quad play provider on the islands and a truly Seychellois company.”

“Cable & Wireless Seychelles is without question the best partner in the market for the SPI FashionBox HD channel due to its superior connectivity to all the major hospitality resorts and guest houses across all islands,” said Richard Ganter, an IPTV consultant. “No one knows Seychelles better.”